We specialize in creating music for you from scratch—songs or sounds that will stand out and get noticed. Working with you intently, we will make sure the job gets done exactly the way you want it. Our library of sounds and performers is vast, so no instrument or vocalization is out of reach. The songs we craft will sound like the work of many people playing dozens of instruments, produced with professional equipment. We will meet your specifications, style, and deadlines at a very competitive rate.


Catchiness is our forte, so we pride ourselves on creating jingles and title tracks. Through any medium—be it rock, electronic, or orchestral—we will convey whatever style or message you want to present to your audience.


From 8-bit to full orchestra, we have made our niche in the gaming world. For soundtracks or even just sound effects, consider Sound Snacks for your next game. Clients like Skill City Games will attest that we provided exceptional music for their product.


With libraries from Vienna Instruments, Kontakt, Quantum Leap, and more, the possibilities are endless. We are your big band, rock band, and symphony rolled into one. Heck, we can even be a Japanese koto band if that’s what you need. We know that anything for the screen, big or small, is delicate and needs to be calculated just right. We will make sure your project is a cut above the rest with our high-quality work.


Do you need some gunshots and screaming for your new film? Or maybe a signature sound to help your project be as memorable as possible? With our enormous effects and sound libraries, we can sculpt a high-end masterpiece of sound design. Maybe it’s ambient, atmospherical soundscapes you’re looking for—we can do that too. We will give your project a personality and voice of its own by complementing the talent that already exists.