Composers Jesse Wilder and Peter Berberich are talented musicians with almost two decades of experience working in the music business. In addition to scoring films, writing jingles, and creating tunes for videogames and other platforms, the composers have recorded several promising music acts, worked with Grammy award-winning musicians, and were awarded a gold record for songwriting.

When creating Sound Snacks Music, the two shared a common vision: To provide an exceptional product for your next game, webisode, television production, website, or film. Working with a team of high-quality resources, Sound Snacks Music specializes in everything from music composition to production, sound design, voiceovers, and even podcast recording.

At Sound Snacks, we will contact you immediately to discuss your project, deadlines, and an affordable rate for our services. We believe that cooperation is key, so we will work with you on changes and suggestions until you are fully satisfied with the finished product.